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At the office of Dr. Charles C. Harrington, we're proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment to patients throughout Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Kentlands/Lakelands, Rockville, and the surrounding areas. We treat virtually every orthodontic condition at our office, and we offer a wide range of treatment options to our patients. But for many patients, there's an even more fundamental question that's difficult to answer: when should I go see my orthodontist?

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When Should I See an Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment is the gateway to a beautiful, healthy smile. But if you've been considering orthodontics for yourself or a loved one, you're probably wondering: when should I visit an orthodontist?

At a basic level, you should see an orthodontist whenever you have a question or concern about your smile, your tooth alignment, or the quality of your bite. In some cases, these problems are obvious: overcrowded teeth, underbite, and difficulty chewing or speaking are all major red flags that it's time to see an orthodontist. Sometimes, though, the problems are less pronounced. And when it comes to children, there's a uniform answer for when it's time for an initial orthodontic consultation.

When Should My Child See An Orthodontist? Orthodontic Problems.

In keeping with the American Association of Orthodontists, we recommend that all parents bring their children in for an initial consultation at age 7. This may sound early, but it's important to evaluate at this age. By age 7, the back bite is fully established, which means that our Gaithersburg and Rockville orthodontist can identify both current problems and problems that are likely to form down the road. 

With most patients, we'll simply wait and monitor development until the right time for treatment, but some patients require early orthodontic treatment. In these cases, we'll use orthodontics early on to treat problems in the growth of the jaws and the teeth, allowing us to use your child's growth to easily solve problems that would require extensive treatments like surgery later on. But the only way to know is to bring your child for an initial exam at age 7.

Orthodontics for Adults

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Orthodontics is common for kids and teenagers, but there's another demographic that makes up a substantial portion of our patients: adults! More and more adults are discovering the magic of orthodontic treatment. We can move healthy teeth at any age, which means you're never too old for a beautiful smile, and a new smile can impart a dramatic boost in confidence, happiness, and self-esteem that you'll feel for years to come. Just imagine how much easier life would be if you were truly proud to show off your smile!

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Whether you think your child might need orthodontic treatment or you're considering revitalizing your own life with a new smile, orthodontic treatment can help – and the first step is a consultation with your Gaithersburg and Rockville orthodontist. Contact us today to learn more about treatment or to schedule a consultation for yourself or your child. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!