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Braces vs. Invisalign | Pros and Cons

This is probably the most frequently asked question that we get!  First, every person's bite or occlusion is different, and while most people are candidates for Invisalign, Dr. Chen may recommend one over the other. 

Here are some general pros and cons of braces versus Invisalign:

Invisalign Pros:
  • You can remove them to eat pretty much whatever you want.
  • More comfortable than braces (but there's still an adjustment period at the beginning!).
  • Less noticeable than braces (but they are not completely invisible, of course!).
  • Less emergencies. No poking wires.
  • For certain types of bites, Invisalign can be faster.

Invisalign Cons: 

  • You can remove them, so if you don't wear them for the full amount of time prescribed it won't work as effectively.
  • You have to remove the tray when you eat or brush your teeth. Snacking needs to be more intentional. 
  • Attachments, or tooth colored bumps, can be noticeable

Braces Pros:
  • The braces are attached, so you can eat whenever you want without removing them.
  • For certain types of bites, braces can be faster.
  • For complex cases, like impacted canines, braces are the best option.
  • Braces look cool and you can change the colors.

Braces Cons: 

  • You have to be careful with biting on hard foods because it can loosen a bracket. 
  • You have to spend a little more time brushing and flossing under the braces and wire. 
  • You might have a wire poke or need to use wax to smooth over the braces. 

Ask us all of your questions about both options to see which one will fit your lifestyle. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontic specialist. You can also email us at [email protected]

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