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North Potomac Orthodontics Near Gaithersburg, Maryland

All About Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg, Maryland, has a history that dates back to the late 18th century when European immigrants settled in the area. Originally an agricultural community with tobacco cultivation as a primary activity, the town was formally incorporated in 1878.

The arrival of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the late 1800s brought newfound opportunities for trade and commerce, leading to increased industrialization and population growth. Gaithersburg's economy diversified beyond agriculture, establishing industries such as manufacturing and technology.

One of the most significant events in Gaithersburg's history was the establishment of the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) in 1901. NIST attracted scientists, researchers, and engineers to the area, solidifying its reputation as a scientific and technological innovation hub.

Throughout the 20th century, Gaithersburg experienced suburbanization and a population boom, with residents from nearby urban centers seeking a suburban lifestyle. The city's strategic location and access to Washington, D.C., further contributed to its growth and development.

Living and Working in Gaithersburg

Today, living and working in Gaithersburg, Maryland, offers a balanced and vibrant lifestyle. The city boasts a diverse community, excellent schools, and various recreational amenities, making it an attractive place for families and individuals. Gaithersburg's proximity to Washington, D.C., provides ample job opportunities, especially in the scientific and technology sectors and numerous research institutions. 

The city's well-planned neighborhoods, parks, and community events foster a strong sense of community and make it an enjoyable place to reside. Additionally, Gaithersburg's robust public transportation system and access to major highways ensure easy commuting and connectivity to the broader metropolitan area. Living and working in Gaithersburg offers a fulfilling and enriching experience.

North Potomac Orthodontics Near Gaithersburg, MD

Welcome to North Potomac Orthodontics, the premier orthodontic practice near Gaithersburg, MD, led by Dr. Chen, a highly experienced orthodontist originally from Flemington, New Jersey. Having previously served as the lead orthodontist at a bustling practice in the Princeton area, Dr. Chen and her family have embraced their new home in Maryland. 

Dr. Chen specializes in treating malocclusions in patients of all ages, including children, teens, and adults. We take immense pride in serving our local community, providing exceptional care, and crafting personalized treatment plans. Our comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments includes traditional braces, the cutting-edge Damon system®, and the ever-popular Invisalign®. 

With a patient-centric approach and a passion for creating beautiful, straight smiles, Dr. Chen and her dedicated team ensure that each patient receives the finest orthodontic care. Visit our state-of-the-art facility and experience the excellence that results in confident and radiant smiles for the residents of Gaithersburg.

Rio Lakefront Near North Potomac Orthodontics

Rio Lakefront shopping mall, conveniently located just 4.3 miles from North Potomac Orthodontics, is a fantastic hangout spot offering diverse experiences. With a variety of restaurants serving delicious cuisines, excellent shopping options, and a vibrant atmosphere, it's the perfect place for locals and visitors alike. The mall's lakeside location provides a picturesque setting for people-watching and leisurely strolls along the waterfront. 

Moreover, Rio Lakefront hosts exciting lakefront concerts that attract music enthusiasts from all around, adding to the lively ambiance. For those seeking outdoor activities, boating on the lake is a popular choice, providing a refreshing escape and memorable experiences. With its abundant entertainment options and picturesque lakefront setting, Rio Lakefront shopping mall is a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy a day filled with fun and relaxation near North Potomac Orthodontics.


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